Getting Started


  1. Download ZIP.
  2. Copy thecss/andfonts/directory to your project.
  3. In the<head>of your html, reference the location to yourfeathericon.min.css.
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/css/feathericon.min.css">
  4. Place feathericon with<i>tag in your html like this.feclass is required to use the icons correctly. Check outthe website to start using icons!
    <i class="fe fe-heart"></i>

You can use feathericon with CDN files on jsdeliver.

For developers

  1. Install via npm or yarn.
    $ npm install feathericon --save
    $ yarn add feathericon
    If you're Ruby on Rails user, you can install via RubyGems. We have feathericon-sass ( using with Sass ) and feathericon-rails.
  2. Copyfonts/directory to your project.
    $ cp -r node_modules/feathericon/build/fonts/ path/to/fonts
  3. You can simply point your Sass (SCSS)include-pathat yournode_modules/directory. This case is using gulp-sass.
    gulp.task('sass', function () {
     return gulp.src('path/to/*.scss')
         loadPath     : 'node_modules/feathericon/build/scss/',
         outputStyle  : 'compressed'
       }).on('error', $.sass.logError))
    Then you can import it in your scss(sass) file.
    @import 'feathericon';